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A little tip for photo-friendly makeup 

When you are headed out to a photoshoot, wedding, or party and you know you're undoubtedly going to be taking lots of snapshots (or selfies?), SPF could be your enemy. Why? SPF containing products can sometimes reflect the light of the camera and create a ghostly cast on the face.

Its not to say that all SPF will in fact do this- its just something to know and be aware of. So especially on a wedding day- I say- ditch the SPF for the day and don't take your chances :) 



Learn an everyday makeup look tailored to your style  

If you don't already know, we offer one-on-one sessions for our clients! And usually starting in Novemeber and through the month of February, we offer special rates on these sessions! 

Everyone's style preference and profession is different, and so everyone's everyday makeup look won't always be the same. The gal who works in a hospital as a nurse may have a completely different everyday makeup look compared to the gal who's in marketing and sales. 

Some of the tips and pointers we give to our clients that are looking for us to help them create and teach them their everyday look are these:

- consider how much time you are willing to devote to your everyday look 

- Are you familiar with makeup or a newbie? If you are new to the makeup world- it will naturally take you a little longer in front of the mirror in the beginning. Something that should take you 1 minute may take you 2 in the very beginning, so don't let that discourage you! 

- Take a look on pinterest of ladies that favor your style, coloring, and features. This will help you be able to gather some photos together of what look you would like to learn.

 When you come for your session, you will bring any and all of the products and tools/makeup brushes that you currently have. Then as we sit down together we can show you what you will need to add, replace, or keep! 

If you want to catch the special rate- you still have some time! Email us and book your appoinment now through the end of February! 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day ladies!


Ok. We love makeup. We love making people feel beautiful. We love our job!...Maybe not so much blogging? 

OK yes! It has been forever since we have last blogged! But confessions of a (GOGO) makeup artist. We are not avid bloggers (or computer savvy!)! BUT this year, we are going to try hard to put down the makeup brushes and curling irons once in a while to hop on here and drop a line or two with some tips and tricks or products we love <3

 Today's little tips are for all the newly engaged that are planning their wedding and booking their vendors!! 

When booking a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist:

Make sure you look through their portfolio and are happy with what you see. Make sure they use camera friendly (or HD) makeup products so you photograph beautifully. Make sure they have a contract to offer you (if they don't this could be a risk not worth taking on such a big day!). Make sure they use primers and makeup setting sprays that will make your makeup last! And, its a really good idea to book a trial run! This way, you are'nt nervous the day of wondering if you will like your hair and makeup and you're confident that day to sit back and relax knowing you will love your bridal look when they finish!  <3



Sonia Kashuk | Hello Nude

Gogo tip of the day: Perfect nude lip color with a touch of pink.



Style Your Shoot! 

One of our favorite things to do as makeup artists, is create! So when we get to be a part of a shoot that is "styled" or "themed" it is just so so much fun! Doing this, brings your photos to life, make things fun, different, and inspiring. We love creating the makeup looks for styled shoots to pull everything together. 

Here are just a few of the different ones we have had such a blast doing the makeup (and in some photos, hair) look for! Below are a couple examples of senior portraits made funnnn! These photos were taken by Brooke Daniels Photography. She is a master of styling shoots for senior photos! Love working with her! 

Happy Friday, enjoy

                        Gatsby Inspired Shoot


          Disney Inspired 

Pretty Little Liars Inspired 


Photos above by Brooke Daniels photography