Bridal Bliss!

Kristen and I LOVE brides... Like, love love. Kimeka and Steve's wedding was especially important to us. First of all, I married them. Not like "married them" but actually officiated their wedding. Crazy right??? Who would have thought being a Worship Pastor/ Makeup Artist would be so fun!!? Although, I can't take the credit for Kimeka's flawless bridal makeup, that's all my "GoGo" (aka Kristen) ;) Best friends, marrying and beautifying the Bride, who would have thunk it?!



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Love Reminds You That Nothing Else Matters. ~ Any Bushnell

I love meeting new brides. It's such a beautiful thing to hear the unique stories of how each couple came together. I love to watch as their faces light up when they talk about how he proposed, and their wedding plans thus far.

I really enjoyed talking with Rachel while enhancing her natural beauty for her engagement shoot. It didn't take long for me to see how sweet she was, her beauty truly radiated from within.

Rachel and Edwin's Photographer, Melissa Arlena, always does an amazing job capturing the beauty and love that is so evidently shared among the couples she works with. Here are a few of the shots, they are absolutely stunning. 












LOVE-liness is in the Air...

For this engagement session, we went with a polished, natural- look for Bethany. Melissa Arlena did an amazing job capturing beautiful moments shared between this lovely couple... 





Photos by: Melissa Arlena 

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A Beautiful Beginning...








 Photos By: Nancy Balogh,


We <3 Before and Afters





Ms. Carla was beautiful to begin with! We just glammed her up a bit. ;)

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