Boudoir & Bridal Makeup 

Misty was one of our lovely brides from this Fall's Wedding Season. We first met Misty at Creme Boudoir Photography Studio, where we did her makeup & hair for her Boudoir session, that would later be given to her fiance' on their wedding day! Misty doesnt typcally wear much makeup, but since we were doing her makeup for such a "spicy" occasion, we decided to go for a more sexy, smoky, "bombshell" kinda look.

WOW! Misty, you're beautiful!

After this session, she hired us to do her makeup for her wedding. We decided for her wedding, we would go less dramatic, with a much softer appeal. Gorgeous!!

Congratulations Misty! You were truly a Gorgeous bride, it was such a pleasure working with you! You are beautiful inside and out! Looking forward to having a makeup party with you and a few of your friends and family! Will be tons of fun :) 


wedding photos by: Dunks Photo


Halloween Inspired Makeup| Professional Makeup


The Artists of GoGo Gorgeous had A BLAST creating this look for "The Mourning Bride" Photoshoot with Charlotte Tittle Photography & Anthomanic

The idea was to have a dark, dramatic feel to the makeup while creating the illusion that the "mourning bride" had actually been crying. 

It isnt everyday that we get this type of request for makeup, but when we do, we welcome, and sooo enjoy the creative opportunity :) 



Halloween Makeup | Virginia Makeup Artists

It's not everyday that we get to do creative, crazy makeup looks. So when the opportunity arises, we LOVE it! This may not be a look that you will request for your wedding day, engagement shoot, or evening event party, howeverrrr with this time of year with halloween parties, costume parties and such-- you may need us to help you spice up your look :) 

Happy Fall everyone!!! 

 Photos by: Timeless Touch Photography 

Decor: Occasions by MK 


GoGo Gorgeous Makeup Artistry| Wedding Inspiration 

"A Mid-Summer Nights Dream" 

Breathtaking!  Everything about this shoot was absolutely breathtaking! This wedding inspiration, "A Mid-Summer Nights Dream," was completely dreamy, elegant, and magically romantic.

For makeup and hair, GoGo Gorgeous created a natural, but whimsical feel to complete this fairytale vision. 

This magical shoot was featured on 3 wedding blogs including, FrostedpetticoatElizabeth Anne Designs, and Bridal Musings! (Photos by: Charlotte Tittle Photography & Lucia Belle Photography)  









Photos by: Charlottle Tittle Photography 

Florals: Anthomanic

Details by LeAnna 


Miss Fredericksburg Fair 2010| Makeup and Hair


Meet Christina.

Christina Nicholson has been involved in pageantry since she was 8 years old.  She started with Miss American Coed system and eventually won a state title when she was 13! She has coached, judged, and been a contestant for nearly 13 years now.

Christina tells us that her most memorable title was Miss Fredericksburg Fair 2010.

“It taught me that perseverance, God’s timing, and dedication can accomplish anything. When winning a pageant, your shiny hat-the crown you wear, is your microphone. People recognize you for that title, but I want people to recognize me as Christina Nicholson the girl that made a positive impact on their life and encouraged them to never give up and chase their dreams. It's all about leaving behind a legacy. Life is too short to not be remembered for the good you've done on earth. I compete with the mindset of making a difference in the world. I hope to encourage and impact elementary, middle, and high school students to live healthier. I hope to be a role model for as many young ladies as I possibly can as well. I hope to make a difference in someone's life, and be the strength for a sick child in a hospital. I hope to hug an elderly person, feed the homeless, and be involved in my community as much as possible. Helping others makes me the happiest." 

Christina is currently focused on Miss America because she loves the entire organization. The four points of the crown mean "Style, Service, Success, and Scholarship."

Christina is so beautiful, on the inside and out. She is a loving, passionate, talented, and admirable woman who GoGo Gorgeous has had the pleasure of working with for her photoshoot with Rick Myers.


Here’s Christina!! Love her!! 



Christina's advice to upcoming pageant girls…

"To all girls who wish to ever compete in pageantry or are too scared to try: chase your dreams, be fearless, and show your courage to the world. Be a leader, not a follower, and always remember why you are competing. It's for the service of the world, think of yourself as a servant giving the love in your heart to as many people as you come in contact with. That's what pageantry is about."