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Gogo tip of the day: Perfect nude lip color with a touch of pink.



Bridal Makeup & Hair 

Choosing a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for your big day is sooo important! At GoGo Gorgeous our mission is to make you feel incredibly beautiful, have you kick back and relax while we come to you on site and get you gorgeous to walk down that aisle!

When we meet with our brides for their consultation, we tailor each look to fit her personality and style. Every bride is different and every bride has a certain look that she wants to achieve! Its our job to help you find what that is and achieve it!!

To all you lovely brides out there- choose your artists and stylists wisely. I will leave with a few key components to look for when choosing! 

1. ask if they use products that are HD or camera friendly!

2. ask if they use primers and/or setting sprays to ensure your makeup stays on for the entire duration of your event!

3. ask if they provide you with a contract that will secure your appointment (you definitely want this if you are hiring them to come on site and arent going to a salon). 

4. if they dont already have a portfolio gallery for you to view, ask to view their portfolio of work they have done previously! 

5. check ratings on wedding wire, ask your wedding vendors about them to see if they have positive feedback!

Hope this helps!! Congrats to all the brides out there planning for their special day!! 

If you aren't already booked with us for your upcoming wedding, we would love to chat with you and help you in any and all of your beauty needs! 


Sharing a few photos of some previous GoGo Gorgeous brides! 


Why Brows are SO Important!

"I find that nothing frames a face more beautifully than perfectly shaped brows" - Anastasia

Not only do they frame your face, but when filled in and shaped correctly, they make the eyes pop and can make you appear younger, more youthful, and brighter! 

Below is one of the best eyebrow pencils "brow wiz" by Anastasia, and one of our many clients we've used it on! Its awesome for filling in sparse brows with precision because the point is so fine, and by using small strokes you can create a beautifully, natural looking brow! Thank youuu Anastasia!! 



Style Your Shoot! 

One of our favorite things to do as makeup artists, is create! So when we get to be a part of a shoot that is "styled" or "themed" it is just so so much fun! Doing this, brings your photos to life, make things fun, different, and inspiring. We love creating the makeup looks for styled shoots to pull everything together. 

Here are just a few of the different ones we have had such a blast doing the makeup (and in some photos, hair) look for! Below are a couple examples of senior portraits made funnnn! These photos were taken by Brooke Daniels Photography. She is a master of styling shoots for senior photos! Love working with her! 

Happy Friday, enjoy

                        Gatsby Inspired Shoot


          Disney Inspired 

Pretty Little Liars Inspired 


Photos above by Brooke Daniels photography 







Personal Makeup Consultant| How To's 

"I wish I could do this!" 

This is what we hear women say, almost always after we are finished with her makeup for a special occasion. Getting up in the morning can be hard enough in itself, we know. But then to sit and spend time doing your makeup can get frustrating...especially when... you're clueless!

We are all about empowering women. We love having the opportunity to equip you with tips and tools to recreate the makeup look you love. Now, we can't promise you learning will be easy. But once we sit down together and work out a few kinks, we can help you create an everyday look that isn't overly complicated. And that wont take you the entire morning to create. 

So we'd love to get to know you and your makeup needs. May the beauty needs be met no matter what they are. Product recommendations, color matching help, techniques, and how-to guides. Whatever it is. We are here to be your very own personal makeup consultants. 

So whats the next step? 

Send us an email or give us a call to set up a makeup party or a one-on-one consultation. We can't wait to talk with you and have some fun!